The dreambiz Mission

We are 100% committed to educate, empower and equip our clients with the relevant
knowledge, skills and tools in order to achieve the necessary financials success to live their dreams...

on their terms...
in this new "Cloud Based Business" economy.

We aim to inspire our clients to awaken their God given potential to..

BE ...
and HAVE more.

To gain freedom, respect and independence even if they have never experienced it before.

About Burke Hedges:

Burke started his first business endeavor when he was 10 years old.

By the age of 25, he had earned over a million dollars, but it cost him $1.2 million to earn it.

Lessons learned early.

He was introduced to Network Marketing by a stranger and since then has generated over $100 million.

For almost 30 years, Burke has been starting and scaling companies.

He owns a publishing company, utility construction company, a coaching company all while being a top advocate for the $175 billion/year network marketing industry.

His 7 books have sold over 4 million copies in 20 countries around the world.

Burke's priorities: 1. God, 2. Family, 3. Business!