Are you settling for less than you deserve?

Are you settling for less than you deserve?

Every day, all around, I see people settling for less.

They settle for less than what will truly make them happy. They settle for less than what they truly deserve. They settle for less money because they do not really believe they can make more. And they even settle for less because they simply don’t want to do what it will take to change their situation. It’s too hard or too scary.

People settle for a job they are not happy in because they do not really think they can change their situation. They settle for less-than-fulfilling relationships because at least what they have offers them security, or maybe they just don’t think it is possible to have all their heart dreams of.

People settle.

Are you one of them?

You know, when you decide NOT to settle, it’s scary! It takes us waaaay out of our comfort zones. We might take that risk and lose something. What if we mess it up? What if we totally fail?

So, to avoid the pain & possibility of failing, we convince ourselves that it’s not possible to ‘have it all’ – so we might as well settle for what we can, and pretend we’re happy and fine with it.

But we’re not.

So often we’d prefer not to hang out on a limb that might break. It’s “too risky.” But I’d like to encourage you today not to settle.

You’re worth so much more than that. You deserve to have it all; to be happy; not to struggle day in & day out. You deserve to do something that fills your soul with contentment. You deserve to have wonderful relationships with your family and friends.

If you think perhaps you’ve laid down and settled in some area of your life, ask yourself: “What kind of world am I creating for myself by settling here when I know it’s not really what I want?”

Be honest with yourself and then decide to step out of your comfort zone and change it. Only you can have the courage to step out into what scares you…because it’s right outside your comfort zone that your greatest fulfillment and success will be found.

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