Being Broke vs. Being Poor

I can tell you from firsthand experience that being broke isn’t a joke.

Broke is…

  • Being able to pay only the minimum on your credit card balance
  • Renting instead of owning because you can’t afford the down payment
  • Putting off going to the movies because it’s cheaper to rent a video
  • Lying awake at night wondering how you’re going to pay the rent

Being broke means having to choose between going deeper in debt or going without. Every day I meet new people on my websites, at my training programs and seminars. Some have been in the Direct Selling industry for a long time and are very successful. Others are just getting started because they’ve realized that their “secure” job isn’t quite as secure as they had hoped.

But no matter where you fall in that category, one thing is certain:

Every person I meet has a strong vision for a prosperous future. And living broke is not a part of that vision.

In 2000, I wrote a book titled “You Can’t Steal Second With Your Foot On First” where I challenged Americans to stop taking the free enterprise system for granted. You can find out more information about that book here.

And today I’m going to share some of my viewpoints on the importance of free enterprise, why so many people are living “broke” lives, and how to break out of that cycle. It’s an important message that I strongly encourage you to pay attention to.

Are you ready?

Money is not the key to happiness. But, I do believe that the more money you have, the easier it is to get the key made.

How has being broke affected you and your family? It can be devastating, can’t it? Being broke means more stress, more physical illness, more bouts of depression, more anger, more worries, and more fears.

Yes, we’re all going to have some rain in our lives. That’s part of life, like it or not. But when you’ve got money, it’s easier to stay dry because you can afford to patch the roof or buy a new umbrella.


I don’t believe there is any shame in being broke. The only shame is in staying broke and accepting it as a way of life.


If you really truly want to break the cycle of being broke, you can… because “broke” is a temporary situation. It’s not a death sentence unless you act as your own judge and jury and condemn yourself.

If you’re tired of being broke and feeling sorry for yourself, and you’re ready to TRULY get over all your excuses and embrace the opportunity this industry offers- the opportunity right in front of you- then I’d like to give you a wake-up call.

There is a big, BIG difference between being broke and being poor.

Sometimes it takes a whack in the head to really realize the abundance of opportunity that surrounds us and to appreciate the difference between simply being “broke” and being “poor”, all you have to do is answer this question:

How would you feel if there were no hope of ever escaping from being broke?

Depression and misery would be your two constant companions, wouldn’t they?

When being broke is all you’ve ever known…all you’ll ever know…and all

there is…it becomes a permanent condition called poverty. Poverty is constant, it’s suffocating and it’s permanent.

The next time you’re showing a presentation, and your prospect starts crying about the lack of opportunity in this country today, I’d like you to remind him/her to take a look at what millions of other people outside America are facing. Remember the old adage, “I felt sorry for myself because I didn’t have any shoes. Then I met a man who didn’t have any feet.”


Don’t feel sorry for yourself because you’re too broke to buy new shoes…start looking at what’s going on outside in the world to see how true poverty cuts people off at the ankles.


Everywhere we look in the US, there is great opportunity to create wealth, and the Direct Marketing industry is one of the biggest wealth creation opportunities in existence. I want to challenge you today to get that “fire in your belly” again and embrace YOUR opportunity!

Free Enterprise gives you the ability- not the right- to become totally independent.

>> Free Enterprise is NOT the right to be protected from failure.

>> Free Enterprise is NOT the right to “do your own thing” without taking responsibility for the consequences.

So many people want security…but also want the big rewards that go along with taking calculated risks. And we can’t have it both ways, can we?

We want to have our cake and eat it too…but that’s simply not possible!

I’m challenging you today to get off the fence in life. Embrace this time in history as YOUR opportunity to create a legacy for your future generations to come. So many people in this world don’t have that opportunity- the HOPE- that we have.

You have the freedom to choose your own hours, to make your own decisions, to control your own destiny and create a future most people can only dream about. You can’t steal second with your foot on first.

To be financially free, you must step out of your comfort zone and take a chance on you!

Go out there and make it a great week!

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