Can Big Dreams Create Big Results?

What do you think would have happened if Jobs, back in 1977,
had bought into Wozniak's dream of building one computer
to fool around with as a hobby, instead of the other way around?

Do you think the computer industry would be where it is today?
... or the economy? ... or the world, for that matter?

Not a chance!

But because Steven Jobs had the Vision and courage to dream a big dream,
he got big, BIG results ...  and as a result, millions of people all over the world
have access to powerful, affordable computers.  

Jobs'  big dream  not only created  a mega-industry
-it revolutionized the way the world lives and works.
Jobs is proof that big dreams create big results. Little dreams produce little results.
And no dreams? You guessed it -no results!

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich,
uses a wonderful metaphor to describe the importance of dreams in our lives.

He says, "A dream is a blueprint for your ultimate achievements."

Isn't that a wonderful way of putting it? When you think about it,
we're all architects of our own lives, aren't we?

We draw up our blueprints with our dreams
... and then we set about building those dreams.

It stands to reason that you can't build a mansion
with mobile-home-size dreams.

Like I said, little dreams produce little results.

What About Your Dreams?

What about the size of your dreams?

Are you reaching for big dreams, like young Steven Jobs?

Or are you settling for little dreams, like young Steve Wozniak?

Do you have big dreams so that you can enjoy big results?

Or are you limiting the size of your achievements by having small dreams?

Is your dream to own a mansion?
... or to rent a one-bedroom apartment?

Is your dream to send your children to a top­ notch university?
... or to the local junior college while they live at home?

Is your dream to own your own high-profit busi­ness?
... or to work at a company where you do the work
while your boss gets the credit (and the raises) ?

Maybe you have big dreams for your life.

If you do, you're an exception, that's for sure.

It's been my experience that most people settle for drawing up
low-budget,  mediocre-dream blueprints  for  their lives.


I think it's because the vast majority of people live their lives backward
..they let their income decide  the size of their  dreams
instead of allowing their dreams to determine the size of their income!

If  more  people  would  dream  bigger   dreams,
they'd  be  looking  for  opportunities  to  create  more wealth  in  their  lives,

instead  of -

....budgeting  their money
... budgeting  their  talents
... budgeting  their ambitions
... and budgeting their potential.

In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt,

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. "

I challenge you to dream big dreams and then to open your mind
to the possibilities of starting...growing....enjoying the fruits of a
Dream Business.

I challenge you to think out of the box...
to do some dreaming...
and then to believe in the beauty of those dreams.

For when you do...

The future will belong to you!

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