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Parable of the Pipeline

parable_pipe_300We hear a lot about job security these days. But the simple fact is, if you have a job, you have no real security anymore!

Today, job security is out. Lean and mean is in. Which means the next job to be downsized could be yours!

So how do you create TRUE SECURITY for yourself and your family in a hired-today-and-fired-tomorrow workplace?

The answer: Create your own security by building pipelines of residual income.

In his latest book, The Parable of the Pipeline, Burke Hedges explains how virtually anyone can leverage their time, relationships, and money to become the millionaire next door.

Here's what your Book of the Month members will learn from Burke Hedges latest bestseller, The Parable of the Pipeline:

* Why job security is an illusion... and why pipelines of residual income provide the only TRUE SECURITY

* Why pipelines are the secret behind every million-dollar fortune

* Why one pipeline is worth a thousand paychecks

* How to build a million-dollar pipeline on less than $4 a day!

* How average people without a lot of money can leverage their time and relationships to create the Ultimate Pipeline

* How to start living your dreams today by building a 5-year lifestyle pipeline, while planning for the future by building a 50-year retirement pipeline.



You, Inc.

Take charge of your business - and your life! You, Inc. is based on the premise that each of us is founder, CEO, and 100% stockholder in our own company - You, Inc.

The 10 principles in this book will empower you to think and act like well-run, highly profitable corporation.

By learning and applying the 10 simple principles in this book, you will become more valuable in virtually every phase of your life.

And as your value increases, you will become more secure in your job...more productive in your business...more vital to your friends and family...and more fulfilled in your personal and professional life.





Copycat Marketing 101

Old System for Success: H x N = I (also called the "time-for-money trap") H (hourly wage) x N (no. hours worked) = I (income).

New System for Success:

T x E* =$ (also called the "power of leverage") T (time invested) x E* (exponential growth) = $ (financial freedom).

Linear Growth: 5+5=10 (linear=limited!).

Exponential Growth: 5*=25 (exponential =explosive!).

Which system do YOU want to copycat? Time-for-money trap...or wealth creation?!!!






Who Stole the American Dream II

Have you ever been made fun of...ridiculed...abused...misunderstood and mocked...until finally there came a time when you stood up and shouted, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Well, I've come to that point in my life. I'm mad - and I'm not going to put up with it anymore!

So, I'm writing this book to set the record straight and tell you the truth...to tell you what your real chances are today to make it in conventional businesses that are cutting salaries and benefits or,even worse, closing their doors - and laying off people by the thousands. Notice I said "conventional businesses".

Truth is, there is another way...an unconventional business where average people can be their own boss and succeed in an industry that is revolutionizing the way the world lives, shops, and works.

In this fast-growing industry called Network marketing, you can set your own hours...set your own goals...and earn anywhere from part-time income to an absolute fortune.

Is Network Marketing a scam? ...A scheme? ... Or the American Dream?

You deserve to know the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth! Read this book...and you be the judge!